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Experienced entrepreneur and business owner, Sahr Ngegba has been at the forefront of the global logistics and freight industry for nearly 20 years. Resilient and dedicated to success, Sahr has dedicated his life to make a difference in his community. Since launching his company in 2000, Sahr Ngegba has generating both jobs and revenue for the people of Sierra Leone. Having found a great deal of success in his career, he looks to share that wealth with others. He has since adopted a school feeding program for less privileged students in the area.

Sahr Ngegba attended university to study aeronautical engineering. During his time in uni, he was sponsored by IBM to complete a project during his second year. He spent that year working with them in one of their offices. It was during his time here that he learned how to negotiate contracts. Even though he was an extremely successful student, he didn’t love being in school. While still enrolled, he decided to take a semester off and go back home to focus on business. However, the head of the aeronautics department came to his parents and asked him to re-enroll. This was enough to motivate him to finish his degree. 

After graduation, IBM approached him to continue working with them, but he knew that he didn’t want to work for someone else, and instead wanted to have his own business. After receiving the Princess Trust Award, he was given money to start investing. With their support, he jumped right into the business world and hasn’t regretted a day since. 

In his current business, Sahr is responsible for starting Sierra Leone’s largest indigenous haulage and trucking network. Sahr Ngegaba also established the biggest agricultural project in the Kailahun district. His wealth of experience and knowledge in the freight and maritime industries have helped him to find all of this success.